Petals of Gratitude

Providing free crochet flowers to cancer patients to gift to their medical heros!

Petals of Gratitude

I’m Jenny, and I’m the founder of Petals of Gratitude. I started this charity in November 2021. I was approached by a customer who asked me if I could make 40 roses by Christmas. That was quite an order and I told him I would not be able to fulfill that by Christmas. I then asked him what they were for and he told me he was a Cancer patient that wanted a way to show his appreciation to all the Amazing Healthcare team who have kept him alive along the way. I thought this was an amazing gesture. I took this Idea to a large online crochet group and before I knew it, I had over 150 volunteers wanting to help make a rose. It grew from there and hasn’t stopped growing. We offer this service to all Cancer patients for free, we love being able to bring smiles to as many faces as possible. Thank you for visiting us! Please, help us spread the word!

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We are an official 501(3)c non-profit!

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Petals of Gratitude is pleased to be partnering with Strong Little Souls, a non-profit that helps pediatric cancer families with care packages, funding, and special wishes. 

We are so honored to place a flower in each of their care packages! 

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In the map below:

Blue Pins are flower MAKERS! These are our volunteers who work hard crocheting the flowers for us to donate. We could not do it without you! If you want to join our team, contact us today!

Purple Pins are collection addresses. This is where collect the flowers to be packed and distributed.

Red Pins are donation deliveries!

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Petals of Gratitude: Who We Are

We are a global group of volunteers who use our crochet talents to make crochet flowers. Those flowers are sent, for free, to cancer patients – who then gift them to their medical heroes! 


What People Say

I have to tell you all how completely amazing each and everyone of you all are. Today, my wife, Conni, had a follow up appointment with her oncologist after her last chemo treatment a couple weeks ago. She received her box of beautiful flowers last week, so it was perfect timing. Anyway, after her appointment, she let her Dr. select a rose, then we went to back, where each of her nurses that contributed to her care was able to pick a rose. She also gave the receptionist roses as well and her nurse navigator. So, we had some teary eyes, and very kind words of how sweet this was and they all loved the idea of us doing this. I think that it is important that you all are hearing how your work is appreciated. They all loved the little tags on them saying where and who they were from. They just thought that was so cool. And as a bonus they all said they were going to check the group out😁 I even had one ask if they could donate. I told them to go to the page😉. That is all, just a thank you to everyone and to let you know that it is such an honor for me to be a part of this!!!
red rose
Tonya B
Rose Recipient
On behalf of my niece Norine, who is battling stage 4 small cell lung cancer THANK YOU so very much for the flowers they are absolutely beautiful and so appreciated.
red rose
Janice C
Aunt of Rose Recipient
Karen received her bouquet and passed them out to her radiation and oncology teams at her medical center. She loved them and is thankful!
red rose
Conni B.
Friend of Rose Recipient
"Wow!!!! I am so grateful for your organization and the beautiful flowers you have provided to me. I am amazed at the talented people creating these flowers, their generosity, their time, their heart of kindness!!!!! Thank you so much from this grateful heart."
She was able to start handing out her flowers this week to her list of healthcare workers and others who have been with her on this journey a second time.
red rose
Bonnie A
Flower Recipient
We want to say Thank You to you each for taking the time to crochet these beautiful petals of roses for my husband. The smile it puts on the nurses faces when given a rose to show appreciation for what they do is hard to describe! Thank you and God Bless each of you!
red rose
Becky K
Wife of rose recipient
Thank you Petals of Gratitude ..for allowing me to say THANK YOU these wonderful guys n girls who work at the Radiation Oncology Dept. At Geisinger Medical Center Danville PA. These guys are part of the most Awesome crew of medical professionals I've dealt with..the Cancer crews at GMC..are by far top notch! THANKS AGAIN PETALS OF GRATITUDE..for allowing me the means to really say THANKS..
red rose
Dianna T.
Flower Recipient
It is with heavy heart that I share the news that my friend Bonnie lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer this week. I delivered her flowers in November and her care team were so grateful for our gift and learned about our group. Thank you Jenny and the rest of the team for keeping this organization going so cancer patients and families have a unique way to thank their care teams.
red rose
Stacy J.
Friend of Flower recipient


Cancer patients can fill out this form, and flowers are mailed to their requested location at no charge.


Volunteers donate crocheted flowers, or supplies for our team to crochet. We collect the flowers for mailing. 


Flowers are shipped to patients (or direct to their medical heroes), at no charge.

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petals of gratitude

Meet crafter Riley, who had a delivery for a very special patient, Aggie. 

Great job Riley!

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